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Nancy Beers

Looking for a keynote speaker out of the ordinary?

Nancy speaks about a variety of subject with one key element; the Power of Play. She has been on stage (remote as well) in over 20 countries delivering 150+ presentations in the last 10 years.

Nancy's presentations are highly engaging, high on energy and will dazzle and inspire your audience. She delivers talks about perfect timing within teams, Power of Play at work, Play and health and Hackathons. Her interactive remote sessions are 100% Software free and suitable for any audience background or size. Learn more

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Nancy Beers

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About HGC

‘What would you like to be when you grow up?’ was a difficult question when I grew up as a child. Initially having been on theatre stages since the age of three and being certain to find my future there, I was puzzled. What would be my purpose?

Yet, I, Nancy Beers, figured it out; I want to spread playfulness and happiness! I want to leave the world in a better state than when I came upon it!

“I am here to change the world one game at a time.”

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Sarvesh Agrawal 

Product Owner Apps&Digital Innovation

Nancy is an inspirational speaker and motivator. Her presence reflect positivity and brings energy to the team.Her expertise in gamification & agile way of working is commendable. Working together with her helped me elevate individual & team performances through gamification. She is a patient instructor and promotes constructive feedback.

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  • YouTube channel of nancy Beers
  • Nancy Beers on Twitter
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