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About Happy Game Changers

‘What would you like to be when you grow up?’ was a difficult question when I grew up as a child. Initially having been on theatre stages since the age of three and being certain to find my future there, I was puzzled. What would be my purpose?

Yet, I, Nancy Beers, figured it out; I want to spread playfulness and happiness! I want to leave the world in a better state than when I came upon it!


“I am here to change the world one game at a time.”

Being a Serious Play Expert I can be the Jack-of-all-trades organizations are looking for. Using my wide range of tools and broad knowledge I’m able to change people for the better and have them stay close to their hearts. Helping people deliver their values and be passionate about what they do excites me. That and, well, Lego.

Games & events

I speak at events, develop and play serious games and bounce around life having lots of energy and positivity.

Play is essential for human beings. It’s an absolute primal need. Therefore my mission is to show people the Power of Play through Tasting, Workshops, Programs or completely custom.

Moreover, I organize weeklong hackathons, attend hacker festivals and I will forever be an Open Source Hippie and Social Engineer.

My inspiration

My dad is my true inspiration. Being an entrepreneur for almost 30 years assembling and placing children’s playgrounds, I’ve seen the incredible rollercoaster entrepreneurship can be. When I told him I was on the verge of starting a business, he could not have been more supportive. He was most certain I would make things happen!

Ever since I’ve been on my own rollercoaster ride, supporting businesses. First while being a Scrum Master, ever since through exciting Serious Play Workshops, as a Hackathon Facilitator and International Speaker.



Let’s get down to business

Are you or is your organization looking for that energetic, positive and extraordinary Serious Play Expert? Hire me! Together we increase you business’s creativity, innovation power or turn your group into a close team. I’m always up for the craziest ideas, weird stuff and new concepts. Keeping things fresh makes life more fun.

Want to find out more first? You can book a free of charge 30 minute discovery call with me.

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