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work with me // let's have Beers

"Help, I've got to organise a training for 20 team members, and I've no idea where to start!"

"What's a good game to get everyone onboard before an important brainstorm session?"

"I can't handle another awkward escape room. I need some creative teambuilding ideas!"

actually my last name. Also one of my favourite drinks. Funny, how life works.

Have no fear, Nancy Beers is here.

We could all use a little inspiration, guidance or advice in our lives. And it just so happens I have a thing or two to say about how play can improve the way we work, think and create.

So, let's have some Beer
s together. Or coffee, or tea. Your choice!

For up to 60 minutes, you can pick my brains about games for your next event, how to incorporate serious play into your workday, or some seriously fun ideas for your next work social. You pay me €150 ex. BTW (VAT) and I'll be yours for an hour.

When you book, make sure to leave plenty of details and formulate your question clearly. This helps me prepare for our meeting more effectively, so you get the most out of your time with me. 

PS: If you book one of my services in the future - masterclasses, workshops and keynotes - I'll subtract the price of Beers (€150 ex. BTW) from your investment!

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