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work with me // book a seriously playful keynote

"Nancy gave the closing keynote at our conference. She was authentic, vulnerable, and brought important topics forward in a light yet playfully digestible manner. She was the only speaker at the conference to receive a standing ovation, which she highly deserved". 

Susanne Taylor, keynote speaker at Agile Lean Europe Conference in Vilnius 

Can your event handle a little Nancy Beers?

My keynotes are for events that want to send people home with more than just a few crumpled business cards and tired feet. Events that want to inspire, move and motivate people - on the day, and far beyond it.

Using humor, laughter and movement to hook the audience, I show (not tell) how play and playfulness can change the way we work and live together.

And the ultimate goal? Send the audience home bouncing with energy, new insights, and a deep intrinsic motivation to apply the things they've learnt.

C'mon now, that beats a goodiebag any day, don't you think?


Nancy Beers' signature keynotes:

The Power of Play

If Albert Einstein believed in the power of play to inspire creativity and productivity, this would have been the keynote he'd recommend. Oh wait, he did believe that.

Timing in Diverse Teams

'Time of the month' just took on a whole different meaning.


This is the keynote for people who work together with ... other people. 

Smile, you're dying!

Our life is finite, so why are we hustling so hard?

It's time to Embrace your Joy Of Missing Out and play a whole lot more.

Are you the right keynote speaker for my event?

Look, if you'd like the kind of keynote that inspires a dry round of applause and heads politely nodding in unison: I'm not your gal. I do things a little bit differently.

  • Sitting still is not an option. Each of my keynotes incorporates serious games that get people talking to each other, moving about and practicing new skills.

  • Expect to hear giggling and laughter from the audience. Snort-laughter is also not unheard of.

  • My keynotes don't shy away from topics we all find a little tricky to talk to each other about. Things like gender, diversity, lack of motivation, work-life balance, menstruation, death. If your gut reaction was brrrr or what did she just say?, you're in the right place. I use the power of play to hook people into important topics that don't always sit lightly in the professional world, and make them more approachable.

  • Beyond making people think, I want to energise people to do. My keynotes come with tips and suggestions and motivate people to actually start making changes as soon as they're home. 

  • Inclusion matters. If you know there are those among your audience that see, hear or move differently, we'll make sure my keynotes can be enjoyed by them just the same as everyone else. 

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What does a keynote by Nancy cost?

Investment for my keynotes starts at €2.000. 

There is really no such thing as one-size-fits-all, so each of my keynotes are customised to fit your wishes and requirements.

My keynotes also combine perfectly with a workshop or masterclass, so that your visitors can get seriously playful together and build their skills even more.

But don't just take it from me!


"Nancy brings both the fun, but also the professionality". 

Nancy Kabalt, Partner at Windkracht 5 


"Nancy was one of the hosts at Gamification+. Wow, what a great energy superpower she has! If you want energy or engagement, Nancy is the one to call 😊". 

Voice-over & National President JCI The Netherlands


"I'm dead serious when I say: "Everybody needs Nancy in their company". She is authentic and brings out the best in people. She is true a unicorn in the way she moves and excites people and really knows how to engage an audience with the power of play". 

Hans de Raad, conference speaker and DARQA webinar organiser

Not sure if a Nancy Beers Keynote is right for your event? Use our Keynote Decision Tree to find the answer.

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