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work with me // masterclasses and workshops to shake things loose

My masterclasses and workshops are for teams and organisations that know there's more to work than ticking boxes and cashing checks.

Through the primal power of play, I help them shake things loose. Together, we explore ways to create better, connect on a new level, and play your way to a brighter future.


"How do you make fundamental changes to your organisation of 150 people after 22 years of the same way of working? Nancy introduced us to it playfully. She took us to the edge of our comfort zones, mirrored and created awareness. Now, over 2 months later, colleagues are still taking about her games."

Marie Groenhof, Manager Greenhouse/Horticulture at Achmea


When Nancy started working in our company, we were a traditional online tour operator. Today we are a 100% agile -eCommerce organization with self-supporting teams. Nancy helped transform and shape our current environment. For me, she is a motivator 2.0. She can really reset a company.

Eveline Erkelens, former European Head of Customer Service, CV and Transformation at Vacanceselect


Are these masterclasses right for my team, organisation or company?

Only you know the answer to that question! But here's a little help in deciding whether one of my masterclasses or workshops is right for you.

Any of these statements ring a bell?

  • My team is having a hard time communicating about the things that matter

  • The 'new' strategy looks and feels suspiciously like the old one

  • We've got a big goal in mind and 14856 different viewpoints on how best to get there

  • Out-of-the-box thinking. What's that?

  • My team's creativity is as cold as the midmorning coffee

"Okay, so maybe one or two of those things sound a little bit familiar".

It's time to experience the scientifically-backed power of play.

In a workshop and masterclass, you and your team will experience the ways in which play can bring measurable, impactful and positive change to the way you interact, think, and create.

Together, we'll delve deep into the dynamics of playing games, in custom-designed sessions perfect for professionals looking to shake things up and get things moving in a new and better direction.

What kind of masterclasses and workshops do you offer?

My masterclasses and workshops are custom-designed to tackle your specific questions and challenges. I offer masterclasses and workshops for creativity and innovation, for teambuilding and connection, for sloooowing down and reflecting, and for BOOSTING your team's energy. 


Here's a peek at some of the masterclasses and workshops I've facilitated over the years:

  • An online workshop for members of Life Sciences network DARQA on the playfulness of Quality Assurance

  • A masterclass Xtrem reading (read 2 books in 1 hour in a collaborative way) at i.a. ABN AMRO,, and

  • A playful management strategy session for Stena Line

  • Airsoft Agile Game facilitation: shooting to learn Scrum!

  • Custom-made product placement game for D-reizen

  • Climate adaption facilitation combined with a Gamestorm session

  • A custom Pirate Day (a day for innovation and out-of-the box-thinking) for several customers

What else do I need to know about your masterclasses and workshops?

  • I offer masterclasses and workshops offline and in-house, online or hybrid.

  • I work in both English and Dutch. The language of play of my portfolio of 150+ games is universal!  

  • Investment for my masterclasses and workshops starts from € 2250. They're fully customised for your wishes and requirements.  

  • Do you have a particular idea in mind for a workshop or masterclass for your organisation? I'd love to hear it!

  • Equally: no idea where to start, except that you know you'll need to start somewhere? Let's chat.

2023 Happy Game Changers-12 (2).jpg

Warning: masterclasses and workshops might have unexpected side effects.

You've gotten this far, so it seems fair to warn you. 

You and your team may experience lowered stress levels, more creative thinking, and a strange feeling of empowerment. This is an inevitable consequence of the re-connection of your two cerebral hemispheres as a result of play.

Participants have also reported getting up for work with renewed energy in the morning.

You may also find yourself running around, dancing, giggling and waving your arms about during my workshops and masterclasses. Please do not be alarmed, it'll pass eventually. 

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