Power of Play


Power of Play: Masterclass


What is the philosophy on the use of Play in a work environment. How can its foundations be applied to daily activities on the work floor, and how can such concepts be used to increase collaborative behavior?

The Power of Play Masterclass is a program which teaches you about the scientific background of Play. It’s not based on ordinary and boring teacher-student principles, but a highly interactive, engaging class filled with tools to get started right away after the masterclass session. Equally important, the master class is evidence based and filled with scientific data.

The Masterclass

The Power of Play Masterclass takes one to two hours and is fully customizable to your wishes. It addresses the specific foundations of Play that your organization is looking for. As an example, you’ll learn more about the 7 reasons of why Play is essential in any future proof organization. Moreover, you’ll learn, discover and experience over 15 play formats yourself. Each masterclass is fit for a group of 6 to 50 people. 

Thus, the Power of Play Masterclass shows you the advantages of Play on the work floor. You’ll be shown why Play is a serious business, which by no means is limited to children and toddlers. 

Is the Power of Play Masterclass fit for you?

In addition to the discovery of many play formats, the masterclass will also go in-depth. It addresses the physical and mental backgrounds as well as the benefits of play, and answers questions such as ‘Why do we play?’ and ‘How do I ensure that my employees, colleagues and management get back to their playful behavior?’ 

The class includes both introvert and extravert play formats. Idea creation, divergent thinking, thought processes and mentation. The Masterclass makes you think beyond the usual, without becoming excessive. 

The Power of Play Masterclass is specifically suited for management teams and team coaches. It provides a hands-on experience and practical tips to use Play on the work floor.

Previous sessions

As said, masterclasses can be fully tailored to your business. As an example, previous sessions addressed how playful concepts can be used during corporate business sessions, what play means to business relationships, and how our core being as Homo Ludens can be applied to modern man.

Still in doubt? Read these testimonials from previous participants

“Nancy, many thanks for your lovely, super cool, energetic, dynamic, educational, revealing, unparalleled, deepening and playful masterclass. Keep going!”
- Oscar Gebski, Agile Coach at Alliander

“That was very educational, thanks! 😁”
- Eric Schagen, Agile Coach at Achmea

“You are a true ‘player’ Nancy, very positively intended. 😀👍”
- Jordi van der Mark, Agile Coach at Unilever

“Your amazing positive energy works very contagiously. All information is usable straight away. I’m looking forward to applying it myself. Again, thank you, Nancy Beers”
Sander Voerman, Product Owner /Agile Coach at Kabisa

Ready, set go!


Are you ready for me, Nancy? An energetic, positive Serious Play Expert. I would love to get to work with you and your organization. Together we improve your business’s creativity and innovation through the Power of Play. Book a free of charge 30 minute discovery call with me.