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Power of Play


Power of Play: Masterclasses

At Happy Game Changers, we are very serious about the Power of Play. We believe play and games can bring measurable, impactful change to the way businesses, teams, and individuals interact, think, and create. 

In a Masterclass, we take things to the next level. We pour all of our scientifically-backed knowledge, experience with different games and game formats, and years of training in a compact session designed to provide you with the tools and information you need experience the potential of the Power of Play.

The Masterclasses

The Power of Play Masterclasses takes one to two hours and are fully customizable to your wishes. We have several very exciting formats available, that address specific needs and problems in different teams and organizations:

Masterclass: Games for Creativity and Innovation 
Get unstuck with the creative power of play Learn More

Masterclass: Games for Teambuilding and Connection

Boost team dynamics with some serious play Learn More

Masterclass: Games to Sloooow Down and Reflect

Take a breath and re-energize yourself Learn More

Masterclass: Games to BOOST your Energy

Get blown away by the classic Nancy Masterclass Learn More


Is the Power of Play Masterclass fit for you?

The short answer? Yes!


Our Power of Play Masterclasses are fit for and adaptable to all sorts of groups, management teams, individuals and businesses. The classes include both introvert and extravert play formats steeped in scientific knowledge, and send you home with food for thought on idea creation, divergent thinking, thought processes and mentation.

Still in doubt? Read these testimonials from previous participants

“Nancy, many thanks for your lovely, super cool, energetic, dynamic, educational, revealing, unparalleled, deepening and playful masterclass. Keep going!”
- Oscar Gebski, Agile Coach at Alliander

"It was cool, inspiring, fun, mindful, energetic and many more words to describe but these cover the big picture. Thnx Nancy Beers for being an amazing host and inspire us all. See you soon, I am sure 👌"

- Willemijn Enter - van den Elst, Event & Facility Manager at Twill by Maersk

“That was very educational, thanks! 😁”
- Eric Schagen, Agile Coach at Achmea

“You are a true ‘player’ Nancy, very positively intended. 😀👍”
- Jordi van der Mark, Agile Coach at Unilever

“Your amazing positive energy works very contagiously. All information is usable straight away. I’m looking forward to applying it myself. Again, thank you, Nancy Beers”
Sander Voerman, Product Owner /Agile Coach at Kabisa

Ready, set go!


Are you ready for me, Nancy? An energetic, positive Serious Play Expert. I would love to get to work with you and your organization. Together we will improve your business's creativity and innovation through the Power of Play. Book a free-of-charge 30-minute discovery call with me to figure out which masterclass suits your needs.

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