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Games to BOOST your Energy

Could you do with adding a little spice to your life? Looking for a blow-your-socks-off, get-you-up-out-of-your-arm-chair-and-dance-along kind of Masterclass? Want to shake things up with the Power of Play? This one is for you!

Who is this Masterclass for?

This is Nancy's signature Masterclass. It is designed with you in mind. Yes, you: not afraid of bringing your good mood and party hat and joining in the fun of exploring the full potential of the Power of Play. 

In this 1-hour Masterclass, we go in-depth into the energizing dynamics of playing games and the benefits they provide. It is the perfect session for those looking to shake things up in their personal or professional lives, in teams, business, and organizations.

What will you learn?


Physical activity has been proven to be essential for happiness and creativity at work. This Masterclass is designed to get you up out of your desk chair and engaged and energized with a full hour of high-speed playfulness under the direction of Nancy, 'Queen of the Energizers'.


This Masterclass will provide you with key insights:

  • What games and game formats can you use to boost energy and add an extra dimension to meetings, parties, and conferences?

  • In what ways can games lower stress levels and improve brain function?

  • What are the benefits of playing games in day-to-day life?

Looking for something a little different?

Not exactly the Masterclass you're after? We also have the following amazing formats available:

Masterclass: Games for Creativity and Innovation 
Get unstuck with the creative power of play Learn More

Masterclass: Games for Teambuilding and Connection

Boost team dynamics with some serious play Learn More

Masterclass: Games to Sloooow Down and Reflect

Take a breath and re-energize yourself Learn More

Why Happy Game Changers?

At Happy Game Changers, we want to change the world one game at a time. Why? Because we seriously believe in the Power of Play and its ability to bring measurable, impactful positive change to the way businesses, teams, and individuals interact, think, and create. 

In need of a change? Take part in one of our Masterclasses under the guidance of our Serious Play Expert Nancy, and experience the Power of Play in a compact, scientifically-backed training. Walk away reinvigorated and with all of the tools and information you need to make a positive change.

Want to find out more first? Book a free-of-charge 30-minute discovery call with Nancy!

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