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Games to Sloooow Down and Reflect

Deliver on time. Be productive. Maximize your effort. Keep striving for a better version for yourself each day. Phew, modern life can be demanding and full-on. Feel like you just want to hit the brakes and take a breath? Look no further than this Masterclass.

Who is this Masterclass for?

The mindboggling speed at which life hurtles us past us these days can be overwhelming. Rather than trying to keep up, sometimes we just need to take a step back, reset, regroup, and re-energize.

Feel like you could do with a big, calming breath? Join this very special Masterclass with Nancy Beers, the Happy Game Changer, and her best friend of over 20 years, Vera Develing - founder of Connectyin, a healing place full of meditation, yoga, and mindfulness.

In this 1.5-hour Masterclass you will learn about how playfulness and mindfulness go hand-in-hand in creating a more centred and balanced presence.

What will you learn?


Rather than being opposites, games and mindfulness are complementary practices which can amplify and strengthen each other. Much like how Nancy and Vera, polar opposite personalities in a lot of ways, have amplified and strengthened each other over the last two decades.

Together, they will take you into a calming world where busy brains benefit from the regenerative potential of mindfulness and the energizing potential of games. This Masterclass will provide you with key insights:

  • What games can help to slow down?

  • How do games and mindfulness interact?

  • How can playfulness and mindfulness help you regroup and re-energize and what are the benefits in day-to-day life?

Looking for something a little different?

Not exactly the Masterclass you're after? We also have the following amazing formats available:

Masterclass: Games for Creativity and Innovation 
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Masterclass: Games for Teambuilding and Connection

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Masterclass: Games to BOOST your Energy

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Why Happy Game Changers?

At Happy Game Changers, we want to change the world one game at a time. Why? Because we seriously believe in the Power of Play and its ability to bring measurable, impactful positive change to the way businesses, teams, and individuals interact, think, and create. 

In need of a change? Take part in one of our Masterclasses under the guidance of our Serious Play Expert Nancy, and experience the Power of Play in a compact, scientifically-backed training. Walk away reinvigorated and with all of the tools and information you need to make a positive change.

Want to find out more first? Book a free-of-charge 30-minute discovery call with Nancy!

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