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Power of Play


Power of Play: Program

Now, you are convinced of the Power of Play, but you’re looking for more? Then become an amazing Play Facilitator through the Power of Play Program. Through many great tips and tricks you will become a Play Master facilitator.

The Program

The Power of Play Program consists of three four hour sessions in which you will be trained and inspired on how the Power of Play is applicable in your line of work and in your business. The program teaches you different types of games and play formats which can be applied in any situation. It includes coaching strategies, concepts and creativity. More importantly, the Power of Play Program empowers you to build your own Play format using my provided tools, examples and hands-on support.

Through the expansion of your own toolbox your (online) business sessions will become more engaging, interactive and successful, which in turn makes them more productive and effective as well.

Definitive program coming soon

Most important for me is to ensure that the Power of Play Program is ideal for your business. Therefore, I’m currently in the process of optimizing it further and I will have more information available soon.

The Power of Play program will include sketch noting, tools and tricks, tech setups and offline facilitation among other things. 

Can’t wait for the Power of Play Program?


Although still being finetuned, there is no need to wait with the program in your business. We can already get started with a program tailored to you and your organization. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact me! Let’s plan a free of charge discovery call to see how you can make your business more creative and innovative through the Power of Play!

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