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Power of Play


Power of Play: Tasting

Have you ever had the immersive experience of a wine or whiskey tasting? Then you are likely well aware of the tease it may provide. A similar experience can be obtained in your business: through the Tasting of Play! Get an idea of what Play can bring to your organization through a short Playfulness session.

The Tasting

Tasting sessions in the Power of Play consist of highly engaging group activities taking 15 to 60 minutes and include four to eight different Play formats. These formats are tailored to your organization’s needs. Moreover, these sessions may include 4 to 1000 people.

The tasting sessions address human connection, fun and energization facilitated by the Queen of Energizers!


Are Power of Play Tasting sessions fit for you?

Remote Power of Play sessions can be used to spice up your webinar, lift people from their daily routines, are well-suited to avoid an after lunch dip, launch team sessions, and are ideal for the ignition of your creative and innovative braincells prior to a strategy session. 

That’s not to say Power of Play Sessions cannot be held “just for fun.” They are also ideal to connect with a group of people in an entertaining way; Play Hard, Play Hard! 

Previous Sessions

Power of Play sessions have been held at a number of occasions, including celebration ceremonies. Some of these included:

  • New Year’s drinks

  • Christmas parties

  • The release of a new product or website

  • Online book presentations

  • As a social event: before, during or after a seminar

  • To celebrate success

  • As a team outing

Not yet convinced? Here are some thoughts from others

“We hired Nancy to organize and facilitate a remote Play Session for my employees to have serious fun and connect to each other during our annual party. We had a blast! My colleagues gave amazing positive feedback about the session and she delivered what she promised. If you want to have an engaging, connecting and fun online party with your team or organization, I would really recommend hiring Nancy.”
- Marianne Sturman, CEO Moneypenny

Let’s get going


Is your organization ready for ecstatic energy, positivity and an extraordinary Serious Play Expert? Hire me! Together we can increase your business’s creativity, innovative power and increase the collaboration of your team. I’m Nancy, and I’m always up for the wildest ideas, weird stuff and latest concepts. Keeping life fresh makes it more fun.

Would you like to find out more about my Power of Play sessions? Book a discovery call with me, completely free of charge.

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