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Power of Play


Power of Play: Custom


The Power of Play is compelling. It improves the well-being of colleagues and makes your business more attractive and valued. Yet, there is no other business like yours. 

In recent years I have managed to master the Power of Play and transforming any session into a form of Play. As a result, I know there is no more effective tool fit to your organization than Play. Let’s therefore get our heads together, and tell me what goals you would like to achieve during your meetings and sessions. Let’s make a program that is fully tailored to your organization. I have mastered 115 different playful formats which are all available to you and which can turn your existing, possibly dull sessions to sessions on steroids. 

Being a Happy Scrum Master and through mastering many play formats, I have a solution available for nearly any situation and subject. Have you considered topics such as diversity, sustainability, GDPR, process optimalization, feedback culture and Devops? Get in touch with me to have a chat about your specific needs.

Previous custom Power of Play programs

It may be challenging to get a grasp of what custom Power of Play programs can do for your business. Therefore, here are some examples of previous works.

  • Windkracht5 breakfast session book review with Sanne de Boer.

  • Webinar for DARQA members on the playfulness of Quality Assurance.

  • Masterclass Xtrem reading at i.a. ABN AMRO,, and

  • Power of Play Celebration for Klarna in collaboration with

  • ANVR/Reiswerk travel challenge in a 5-day business course for graduates and recently graduated of 40 different study programs, to get them excited for a career in leisure.

  • Tailored game development and facilitation for 380 employees of D-reizen.

  • Management strategy session for Stena Line.

  • Airsoft Agile Game facilitation, Shooting to learn Scrum!

  • Climate adaption facilitation combined with a Gamestorm session.

Here’s what I can do for you


There is no business like yours and I would love to hear your story. Is your organization looking for an energetic, positive and extraordinary Serious Play Expert? Then let’s see how we can develop a program that meets the needs of your organization. I’m Nancy, and I’m up for the most innovative ideas, most amazing business concepts and crazy thoughts. Let’s plan a free of charge discovery call to discuss your needs and wishes.

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