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Nancy believes that play is serious business, and it is her motto ‘Change the world, one game at a time’ that guides her in creating some of the engaging and energizing keynote events and talks around.​

On Stage

From her home-base of the stage, Nancy draws people into her seriously playful philosophies and empowering views on teamwork, creativity, emotions, and work-life balance. 


If this sounds dry, you’ve got the wrong end of the stick. 


Humor, laughter, movement and energy are the hooks with which she charms and engages her audiences. Using her intrinsic energy and people power, Nancy deploys the power of games to show (not tell) her audiences why play and playfulness are an absolutely essential tool in changing the world, one game at a time.


It is no surprise that Nancy was once called a ‘unicorn’ by a conference organizer. Her events have a dash of the magical to them, in the way they foster engagement and connection and encourage creativity, divergent thinking and growth in the audience. 


Remote Facilitator

Nancy’s multidisciplinary approach to facilitation, drawing from her experience as an Agile Coach, Scrum Master Facilitator and Hacker, has found fertile ground in today’s remote world. 


She organizes interactive remote sessions that are 100% software free and suitable for any audience background or size, without losing any of the power of the real stage.


Looking ahead to a post-Covid world, Nancy has also developed engaging tools and techniques for hybrid events, in which a mix of both in-person and online attendees come together to engage in serious play.

Speaking from Experience

Nancy has given more than 150+ presentations in 20 countries in the last ten years, attending various major conferences amongst which Travelchallenge, Devops Days, Hackerhotel, Play14, Agile and Drupal events. She also regularly hosts events for Corporates, charities and educational institutions, leading her conference guests on journeys to explore the power of play.


'Nancy brings both the fun, but also the professionality'. Nancy Kabalt-Groot, Windkracht 5 Breakfast Booster

'I'm dead serious when I say "Everybody needs Nancy in their company." I had the pleasure of [...] hiring Nancy to be a speaker at a Darqa seminar. I was amazed about the energy and interaction she brought to the job. She really has to ability to connect people online or offline. I would surely rehire Nancy as a Keynote speaker or facilitator if you want to dazzle and inspire!' Hans de Raad, OpenNovations

'Takeout: Spelen is serious shit!!!' Participant reaction, Alliander Masterclass 'Power of Play'

'I learned from Nancy the power of being playful as a tool to energize teams and make them more connected. I love her passion for playing, bringing energy and smiles to more connected, productive and happier teams.' Jorge Villacampa, Twill

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