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Vavavoom on stage!

I've been on stage since I was a young girl - performing, singing, acting. At some point, I thought I might find my path in life at theatre school. Turned out, changing the world one game at a time was my actual calling.

But nothing makes me happier than being back on stage - virtual or physical - and showing people the power of games and playing for businesses and individuals alike. And when it turns out the people that are watching me on stage are just as happy to experience it as I am speaking about - well, let's just say my mission has been accomplished.

Thank you to the lovely and powerful Lovelda Vincenzi for these very kind words about my presentation at the virtual Female Speakers Conference this summer. Alongside speaking at the event itself, my task was to 'vavavoom' up an audience of people who were suffering from just a bit of zoom-fatigue after a year of online-only events. Rest assured, I brought the vavavoom to the vavazoom!

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