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"Hi, I'm Nancy
and I play games for a living"

keynote speaker \\ play facilitator \\ gamification expert

"What do you mean, you play games for a living?"

Simple. The power of play can change the world, and I'm on a one-woman mission to prove it. 

I do this on stage, getting people moving with thought-provoking keynotes (sitting still is not an option). 

As serious play facilitator, I help teams break free from old patterns and play their way into a more productive future. 

And in my spare time? You guessed it. I play, inspire others, write, podcast, and organise a seriously playful conference, Play in Business

Are you ready to play?​


"Nancy gave the closing keynote at our conference. She was authentic, vulnerable, and brought important topics forward in a light yet playfully digestible manner. She was the only speaker at the conference to receive a standing ovation, which she highly deserved". 

Susanne Taylor, keynote speaker at Agile Lean Europe Conference in Vilnius 


"Nancy was our speaker and in-house entertainment, and she did an exceptional job. She really vavavoomed up the crowd: she made the mood light, it was fun, everybody was loosened up. She brought so much professionalism to the job and she's an absolute dream to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to hire her again".

Lovelda Vincenzi, International speaker, moderator and organizer of Female Speakers Conference

work with me

Help your team grow, transition or plan for the future with Serious Game masterclasses & trainings, remote or in-person.

play with me

Check out my calendar to encounter me playing out in the wild. Join me to learn and be challenged.

get inspired by me

Read, listen, or have some Beers™ with me. This is the place to take a dive into the world of Serious Games.

Need some advice? Let's have some Beers!

Pick my brains about games for your next event, or how to incorporate serious play into your workday. I come armed with energy, advice and encouragement.


"Working with Nancy has been a fantastic experience. I learned from her the power of being playful as a tool to energize teams and make them more connected. I love her passion for playing, bring energy and smiles to more connected, productive and happier teams. I hope I can work again with Nancy in the near future!"

Jorge Villacampa, data scientist at Maersk


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