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Power of Play

Play is an essential tool in any organization. Play keeps your organization and team creative, innovative and dynamic. It spices up on- and offline meetings, and avoids fatigue. Throughout the years, I Nancy Beers, have developed four Power of Play programs to increase your business’s success. 

Although each of my programs has their own unique benefits, many are shared. In each of my programs attendees will feel more connected to one another. Moreover, team dynamics will be revealed immediately. This allows to strategize which (micro) play tools can be applied straight away in your business or any other team. My programs have also shown to lower stress levels within teams, whilst combining improved thought processes and the collaboration between both cerebral hemispheres. This not only improves more divergent and creative thinking, but also makes your team feel more empowered.

My programs are physically oriented. So we get you out of your desk chair. Active behavior has proven to be essential for happiness at work and provides a serious energy boost to attendees. I also promise you that my programs are 100 percent software free. There is no fiddling with computers or installation of any software required. My only request is for you to show up and share your most imaginative ideas.

Curious about my programs?
Lets look at the details


Power of Play: Tasting

Tasting sessions are highly interactive group activities which address human connection, fun and energization which spice up your business.

Power of Play: Masterclass

My Masterclasses include applicable play tools based on scientific grounds whilst being interactive. Learn and experience play formats yourself.

Power of Play: Program

Become a Power of Play expert yourself though my program. You’ll get a hands-on experience and get to know the tools for your organization.

Power of Play: Custom

Looking to make the most of the Power of Play? Let’s develop a solution to your challenge through a custom program. 

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