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Updated: Feb 26, 2021

I always try to look at things from a positive perspective, make the most of a situation and spread the joy. I like to Play and make a difference! What I really don’t like to do is to sit around and moan. But sometimes….. even I want to complain and whine. And I hate it!

A while back, I was contacted… yet again…sigh… by some recruiter on LinkedIn. You know where this is going, right? You’ve all been there, I’m sure. Some generic DM promising this great career opportunity written (or copy-pasted more likely) by some lazy-ass recruiter who clearly hasn’t even bothered to read my profile. DMs like that annoy the hell out of me! Especially because I experienced first hand the difference a good recruiter can make. I feel incredibly lucky to be working at this amazing company right now. All thanks to this amazing recruiter.

Annoyed as I was, I was this close to posting a rant on LinkedIn. Which annoyed me even more. Especially because I knew I wasn’t the only one who is fed up with these so-called recruiters. And just when I put my frustration into words and was about to hit ‘post’, I thought: This is not me, this is not who I want to be. How can I make this into something positive?

And then I had a light-bulb moment. Instead of venting my frustration on LinkedIn, I wrote a completely different post. Asking my network to share the names of those recruiters that had a positive impact on their careers. And I’m so happy I stayed true to myself. By turning the situation upside down and looking at things from a positive

perspective I got an overwhelming amount of positive reactions. A list of 34 names of recruiters that come highly recommended by people in my network.

And then I started thinking about what this list should look like. And the information that should be on it. And, and, and...... And then I decided that I would stop thinking about it for the moment and worry about all those things later on. I'll definitely keep updating this list and improving it. But for now, I just wanted to share those 34 names.

So, without further ado, I proudly present to you:

The Happy Recruiter List.

Name Nominated by

Nicole van Thoor Jeroen de Jong, Michael Kattenbeld

Justin Tolenaars Mick Jongeling

Daan Kuiper Jan Hendrik van Heusden

Mandy Bunnik Jan Hendrik van Heusden

Max Cohen/Mission Staffing Gary Belitz

Stephan Lopez Linda van der Pasch

Joe Jackson (UX/UI) Nayla Masood

Seb John Shaun Jenkins, James Martin

Marijke van Liempt Nancy Beers

Frouke Röben, MSc Kim Vesters

Ralyn Silva Amatus Saboor Husain

Jamie Pennie Amatus Saboor Husain

Natalie Mills Amatus Saboor Husain

Maria Florencia Rabinovich Amatus Saboor Husain

Fazil Syed Amatus Saboor Husain

Sacha Martina Robert van Lieshout

Andy Gooday Lisa Bryant

Louise Hebbes Martin Prusa

Sally Clark David Scholtz

Leanne Makinson David Scholtz

Vera van Vlimmeren Ninge Sweens

Allan Becket Charles McLachlan

Simon Long James Martin

Winhold Bartelink Jeroen de Jong

Annemieke van den Brink Justin van der Raaf

Luuk Jan Feitsma Jordan Gross

Dorien Wietsma Carla Clarissa van Stralen

Nastasja Dokter Jan Los

Martin Jansen Jan Los

Tamas Debrei Nikoletta T.

Stephany Bernabela Nancy Beers

Jalisa Freijser Koen van der Pasch

Colin Dale Dan Leyland

Fatima Bouhriani Anja Vijselaar

(Nancy Beers) Amarantho Maurice Robey

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