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What do you see

Look at the 2 pictures in this post, what do you see?

When I was walking around in the neighbourhood, I saw this boy on his bike, slaloming around the little white stripes. it made me laugh, because I used to do this endlessly on my bike as well.

One of the things that can make an actual change in the world is looking at usual subjects, or things that we have been doing in a certain way and take a playful or creative perspective on it.

Is it a bike lane? Or can we turn this around and turn it into a fun obstacle race? Do you see a sidewalk in the first picture? Or is it a hopscotch without an end?

When you think about it, how can you look at your internal processes and work, while seeing the endless possibilities that you saw as a child in day to day situations?

If I can help you with that, please do reach out and in the meantime never stop playing.

Bike lane or obstacle run? Never stop playing!
What do you see?

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