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I think there's no better way to organise an event than in an unconference format.

The Four-O festival is an online event that is organised in a way called "Open Space Technology". Derived in the 80's, it's the ultimate form of sharing knowledge across attendees, rather than people put on a stage by an event organiser.

There are more known styles of unconferencing, all of them sharing the basic principle that it is a participant-driven meeting.

This way, everyone will be the architect of their program, and everyone is able to pitch in their knowledge at will.

That level of autonomy has always attracted me. As an event organiser, who am I to know what content is best for the attendees? Why not let them figure it out themselves and only facilitate a structure in which you enable this?

So the schedule is fixed, the rules are clear and the content is created on the go. Bring in your knowledge, burning question, or workshop format that you want to try and prepare to be amazed!

We have a maximum of 60 participants, so get those tickets while they're hot here!

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