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How to learn 200 hours worth of courses in 2 days @play14

Hi, I’m Nancy and I’m a Play14 addict.

From the 21rst till 23rd of March I went to my fifth Play14 within a period of 1,5 years. So you might say I’m addicted. It was 4 months after my last ‘fix’ in Amsterdam, so I was in definite need of some serious play and learning. If you work with groups or teams in any way, shape or form and would like to have more tools on how to engage, teach, coach, mentor, lead or entertain people #play14 is the place to go!! Play14 is a safe place to experiment and get valuable feedback from people with different backgrounds while learning new ways of working and communicating with people.

There is no better way to get at least 200 hours of great course material within 48 hours. The organisation is non-profit, so I think it's safe to say almost everyone that lives nearby a #Play14 location can afford it. If you can't let me know.

The small print? There is none. The best way to get the most out of this is by bringing your own work formats with you and share them. That's it. Perfect in its simplicity. Bring your stuff and receive 1000x back.

What I did and learned in approximately 48 hours in random order:

Played a ballgame that didn’t excist

o  Thank you, Daniel and Daniel!

Was a snake and did Tuckman teamphases-dancing

o  Thank you, Ricardo and Angela

Saw 40+ people turn into animals

o  Thank you, all attending players

Heard at least 120 different forms of laughter

o  Thank you, Virginia

Hyper focused on reading and learned how to read 2 books in an hour

o  Thank you, Cedric and Yoan

Practiced Tai chi and learned about Tao for Agile

o  Thank you, Dov, Mari luz and Edward

Learned how to speak any language in 3 months

o  Thank you, Agile partners

Learned about the contamination of emotions

o  Thank you, Dov

Did a lot of graphic visualisation

o  Thank you, Cedric

Facilitated a game on public speaking

o  Thank you, Samuel Leroy and others that attended my session

Facilitated a session on Extreme reading

o  Thank you, Yoan and Cedric

Facilitated the open space technology on Friday

o  Thank you, Rudi for being my partner in crime ;)

Did agile cooking with 5 teams being a Product Owner

o  Thank you, Gregory, Sam and Jérémy

Played Go, Brain Fry, Detective, The Mind, Nippon and at least 15 other cool games

o  Thank you, all players

Woke the woodworkers and the dragon

o  Thanks Julian, you’re the best sniffling bear I’ve ever seen

Fiddled around with the meeting spicer

o  Thanks Dov, I'll spread the meeting spicer love!

Attended a session that used the 'Point of you'-coaching kit

o  Thank you, Monika

Learned what the 6 Trumps are from "Training from the back of the room"

o  Thank you, Julian and Chris

Did some serious Event Storming

o  Thank you, Cedric

Learned how to get the attention of a group very fast by clapping in a certain way

o  Thank you, all players

I made penguin, chicken and eagle circles

o  Thank you, all players

Received a very cool debriefing cube set!

o  Thank you, Chris and Julian

Possibly set a world record of Happy Salmon

Was invited and welcomed by other players in their house for diner, great conversation and sleep over <3

And even got driven to the airport in the middle of the night (4.45 am ;) )

o  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Rudi and Marjorie!!

Was able to use the amazing place that is Technoport, thanks to all the sponsors!

Expect to be amazed when you join this movement!!

Nancy and Rudi in front of the marketplace with all the games.
Picture by Laurent Vincent
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