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Power of Play Aftercare

Congratulations. You've survived Nancy's workshop or keynote!

Hey, playful human. What a joy to have you at my workshop or keynote. As promised, here is some more background information about the power and necessity of play. 

In any case, thank you for your energy and playful presence. Please feel free to get in touch if you'd like me to come play with your team or organisation. Or, sign up for my Random Rambles below - a (more or less) weekly newsletter full of playfulness. 

But above all: keep on playing. 

PS. Did you really, really, truly enjoy my keynote or workshop? Then I have a question for you.

A healthy dose of playful inspiration:

The playful human

Discover "Homo ludens" by Johan Huizinga.

Play is more than just fun

TED talk by Stuart Brown about the necessity of play for every peron, regardless of their age.

More Stuart Brown

Read more about the National Institute of Play.

Recommended reading:

Willem-Jan Renger & Evert Hoogendoorn

Ludodidactiek - Ontwerpen voor didactici


Karen Sikkema & Michiel van Eunen
Spelen werkt

Managementboek van het jaar 2023


Do you also want a workshop or keynote like THAT for your team, event or organisation?

No problem! Get in touch if you'd like to book me.

Get playing at these public events:

Happy Games Changers 2022-116.jpg

Friday 28 June 2024 | GeoFort

Play in Business

the one and only business event about playing at your work

My sister and I are organising the fourth (!) edition of this event, taking place on June 28th in Herwijnen, the Netherlands. On this day, 250+ visitors experience the full breadth and width of playing at work. There will be 20+ speakers and workshops and a keynote by Dutch astronaut (and enthusiastic player) André Kuipers.

this event is in Dutch

selection of dates | worldwide


worldwide gathering of like-minded people 

I'm a mentor for this amazing nonprofit. Visit the website to find out more about their next event and to check out their database of games. This year, we'll be playing in Vienna, Berlin, Madrid and Curia (Portugal). 

Church of Play (2).png

18 to 22 November 2024 |  the church of Gasselternijveen

Church of Play

Together with 6 to 8 passionate entrepreneurs, we'll be spending a week playing, developing, taking risks and learning from each other. Join us if you want to give a heavenly boost to your busines!

this event is in Dutch


What did you think?

Did you really enjoy my workshop or keynote? Did it get you thinking or make changes in the way you work day-to-day? And do you have five minutes to spare? Then I'd be really honoured if you'd leave a quick recommendation on my LinkedIn profile.


Why? There's nothing the LinkedIn algorithm gods like more than a juicy recommendation. And hopefully, this helps more people to find out about me and my work, and discover the power of play for themselves. More people playing = a better world all around. 

Seven reasons to play:

Play is primal and therefore natural to do.


It's good for your health (mental and physical).


The quickest way to build relationships is through play.


Giving feedback is easier through play. 


Play is universal and inclusive (everyone can do it).


Play is about overcoming challenges and not about having fun (although it is a very nice side effect). 


Playful people are more innovative, creative and intrinsically motivated.


Want to listen to more of Nancy?

I've been talking about the power of play in a few podcasts. Put your headphones on and get comfy. Instant inspiration guaranteed! 


Three tips to get you started:

TIP one

Start small. 

TIP two

Focus on the debrief!

Practice your debrief with the debriefing cube (available online here). 

TIP three

There is a whole world full of playfulness out there.

Search and ye shall find! Here, for example. Or here. Here too. And here


Need more aftercare?

Don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Or sign up for my weekly-ish Random Rambles so you never have to go without playful inspiration again. 

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