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Setting my Festival FREE! (as in free speech, not free beer)

I had a couple of insights last week that led me to the decision to drop the ticket price to €0:

1. I'm not in it for the money. I was going to give away the money to the Global Play Brigade anyway so the festival could support my mission to change the world one game at a time.

2. I gave away 2 tickets to people who didn't have the possibility to come because of the ticket price and they where delighted!

3. The reason that I did put a price on the ticket was to diminish the chance of no-shows. I see now that this decision is based in fear. A conversation with Martijn Aslander made me realise that if you have 100 people signing up and you have 33% no-shows, there are still more people there than with 25 tickets sold.

4. I am an Open Source hippy and I believe knowledge should be freely available. Free does not equal worthless though!

5. And most importantly: WHY am I organising this?

I want celebrate the sharing of knowledge, networking and connecting. By putting a financial fence around the festival grounds I took away the chance to let it bloom and flourish! (silly me)

Those of you who did buy a ticket will get their money back this week. Share this message with anyone ❤️

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