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Meet the Fellowship of the Game

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

This is the first in a series of blog posts about the continuing quest of the Dream Team of Happy Game Changers to change the world one game at a time, and the gamification of the business as part of this pursuit. This time: forming the Fellowship of the Game.

The Essential Element

Bring to mind any great fantasy novel, movie or story. What are the essential elements? Yes, there are usually some pretty epic backdrops: Mordor really is the evil hide-out to beat all evil hide-outs, and Westeros knows no equal. There’s a big chance magic is involved and affects everything else in the story: without magic wands emitting seriously deadly sparks, Harry Potter really would just be another High School Musical or Glee.

But what really sets fantasy and related genres apart is the cast of characters. Complex. Multi-layered. And, most importantly: working together. Bringing together a diverse set of skills that complement each other. Persevering against the forces of Evil to complete a shared goal.

Fantasy would not be fantasy without The Fellowship of the Ring; Harry, Ron and Hermione; Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia and Chewbacca; Final Fantasy allies; The Avengers; or, in another category, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi.

The Fellowship of the Game

At Happy Game Changers, we come across the same questions and challenges that companies around the world are faced with. How do we maximize our productivity? How do we put together a team of people that not only work together but create beautiful things together? What does it mean to really communicate?

We wouldn’t be Happy Game Changers if we didn’t take a massive dose of inspiration from the world of games and fantasy when it comes to cooperation and teamwork. With that in mind, late last month a new League of Extraordinary Gameplayers met to form a Fellowship of the Game. Without further ado, meet The Dream Team of Happy Game Changers:

Alex. He has the ability to Mesmerize his opponents with Visual Projections.

Superpower: Wielding a Stylus.

Nemesis: Excel.

Gwenda. Distributes Happy Boxes from the HGC Kart and stuns anyone in pursuit.

Superpower: Helicopter View.

Nemesis: the Written Word.

Stephanie. Lives by ‘The Pen is Mightier than the Sword’.

Superpower: Ye Olde English.

Nemesis: Tidiness.

Margot. The Happy Game Changers Spiderwoman, who glues together that which needs to be glued together.

Superpower: Organization.

Nemesis: Superheroes who lack a clear objective.

Nancy. The Source of All Playfulness. Plans the quests for her new Band of Merry Gameplayers. Our Gandalf.

Superpower: Mastering the Game.

Nemisis: The Clock.

Serious Play

Imagine a collection of people that know exactly what each other’s strengths are. A team working together brilliantly because of each individual’s skills in development, not despite them. Individuals who help each other progress and level up. A far-away fantasy?

We think not. Qualities from the best of the fantasy fellowships are something we mere business-driven mortals can learn from and aspire to. Of course, practice makes perfect and there is no team that does not encounter bumps in the road. But this is part of the quest that makes strong teams: encountering and resolving problems and issues together.

Looking to form your own Dream Team or want to level up an existing group of people? Here are three ideas from the Happy Game Changers’ magic pouches to get you underway:

Start a meeting by playing the Superhero Game. Send each team member off to their own corner to list their Superpowers and Power-Ups (what they’re working on improving), their Kryptonite and their Nemesis. After 10 minutes, reconvene and bring together everyone’s answers. Talk to each other, get to know each other, and form a bond. Recognize and work with complementary skills, allowing team members’ respective strengths to fill on for other team members’ Nemesis or Kryptonite. Start planning your new quest or project armed with this enhanced knowledge.

Want a bit more structure? Use the Generative Relationships STAR card from Liberating Structures. Help a group of people understand how they work together and identify changes that they can make to improve group performance.

Join in the fun and attend the FREE Four-O Entrepreneur Festival at the end of April 2021. Take part in the Think Tank Session ‘How to Gamify your Business Model’ to meet other like-minded superheroes looking to bring elements of fantasy and games into their teams and businesses.

The Dream Team completing the Superhero Game (3 heroes in situ, one via Zoom)

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